Respite Care

"A sincere Thank you for your kindness"
Mrs Singh, Slough

Doing your best for your family comes as second nature to you, but there are times when an extra pair of hands, or some time off for yourself, would be very welcome. This is where we can step in to provide flexible short term respite care.


We can:

  • - Help to maintain independence by providing care within a person’s own home, avoiding the need for temporary residential respite care
  • - Work closely with the family to provide seamless transfer of care
  • - Fill in when there’s a gap in family care arrangements
  • - Move in to provide care at home on a full time basis in conjunction with the family

What kind of care do we provide?

  • - We shop, cook and serve meals
  • - We can be there for a chat and a cup of tea
  • - We perform general domestic duties such as cleaning, bed-making and laundry
  • - We help with bedtime and getting up in the morning
  • - We are there to assist in the bathroom, including shaving and continence
  • - We can help with medication

Communication is very important to us, and when our carers are working, they are prepared to be aware of any changes and respond to them, alerting their managers who will rapidly update the family and any appropriate medical professionals.

"I wanted you to know how much we all appreciated the flexible way you worked with us to ensure that my parents had all the care that they needed. Each and every carer was excellent and my parents were both able to build friendships with them."
Mrs. J Smith, High Wycombe